Roommate Guide: Allocating Rent and Expenses
    Allocating Rent and Other Expenses
    A roommate situation means shared responsibilities: from paying the rent to the most insignificant expense, it's important to go into your new roommate situation with all aspects clearly defined. Make a list of all expenses (rent, utilities, food, luxuries, etc) and then decide what expenses will be your responsibility, your roommate's responsibility and what expenses you will share. An informal contract that clearly listings all expenses and whose responsibility they are can keep a roommate relationship from becoming strained and uncomfortable. Here is a sample list of expenses you may want to consider:
    1. Rent
    2. Utilities
      1. Electric
      2. Gas/Propane
      3. Telephone
      4. Televisionservice
      5. Internet
    3. Groceries
      1. Special dietary needs
      2. Non-cooking meals (take out)
    4. Entertainment
      1. Movie rentals
      2. Pay per view
      3. CDs, MP3s, Music
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