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Apartment relocation services and agents
iRoommates.com Apartment Relocation Services and Agents Resources
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Apartment Relocation Services and Agents
Apartment relocation services specialize in full service moves, managing each detail in the relocation process. Real Estate Agents act as the intermediary party between the landlord and the tenant, helping broker a deal between the two parties.
Apartment Relocation Services and Agents Recommendations
We recommend you work with an Apartment Relocation Service expert or Real Estate Agent who is local to the area you plan to move to, although services can be rendered by someone in your current area. Be advised that while both services have associated fees, they can vary greatly depending on what exact services are rendered and what area you?re relocating to. Real Estate Agents, for example, will broker the deal between yourself and the landlord and will often charge a fee for said services, which can be a percentage or a month?s rent. An Apartment Relocation Service may have less rental inventory than a real estate agent, but will probably provide many services, such as moving arrangements for all furniture and personal items. Apartment Relocation Services will usually have apartment complex rental inventory where as Real Estate Agents are more likely to work with smaller, private owners for rentals such as houses, condos, two family houses and so on. You can find an Apartment Relocation Services expert or Real Estate Agents by searching online or using the local phone book.
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