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What is the RSS Feed?
The Really Simple Syndication format for sending information is a handy way to receive and view rooms for rent from, which can be viewed by a web browser, website or email provider you're already using. The RSS Feed includes all new rooms for rent posted in the past twenty-four to forty-eight hours.
Subscribing to our RSS Feed
Whether you already use one of the services found at the 'RSS Viewer' menu above or not, you can subscribe or view the RSS feed and view it at the below services on pages like MyYahoo, MyAOL, iGoogle or in most web browsers, like FireFox. There are also a number of RSS Feed Readers available - many of which are available for free. Choose any of the services below to subscribe to the RSS Feed.
Choose a Method to Subscribe to the RSS Feed
Choose a RSS feed by state, and then select from the following providers, including Yahoo, Google, AOL, NewsGator, BlogLines, NetVibes and PageFlakes to view the RSS feed. To view the RSS Feed in a browser, simply select '' as your RSS Viewer.
Note For advanced users: The URL for the RSS feeds is[STATE]_[CITY].xml. You can obtain the URL for the RSS feeds by simply replacing the [State] text with the name of the desired state. For example, the RSS feed URL for New Jersey, Hunterdon County is course, you can also generate the RSS Feed URL by selecting '' as your RSS Viewer, which will load the file in your browser and display the RSS Feed URL in your address bar.
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