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Member Since July 2017
Property Owner, DC Metro
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1/27/2018 1:53:34 AM
Tenant Review: The landlord Kevin does not reside in the house, his brother Alfred does. His brother Alfred is an overbearing. He invites himself into the basement rental, and had the locks changed so only he had the keys while we were still renting it. He tried to give us 4 different eviction notices, each time without legitimate reasons. I dont recommend this place to live as it is small and they are problematic to deal with.

Landlord Response: This home was owned by our mother and we would like to ensure that our home remains in great condition. We have attempted to evict them as they constantly were disrespecting our home.

- Quality Control Team


12/8/2017 3:57:38 AM
No AC. House is cluttered.