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Thank YOU...I have found my last two tenants through your website and they have been great!  
  - Rebecca Forsman
Your service was great. I plan on using it again at a
later date. Thanks. 
  - Melissa Sedivec
Thank you for your services, it took 24hrs. to sublet a room! Sincerely,

  - Patricia Beyhaut
I found a room thanks to and I enjoy my room. So a great thank you for your services. I thank you again,

Guillaume Dugue

Sublet Guys,

I wanted to let you know that I sublet my apt thru your site. The number of calls and email contacts far surpassed the response rate from newspaper ads previously. Also the quality of the contacts were far better. 

This is definitely the way for the future. Thanks Feyzan . 

This is a great resource for anyone moving and looking for an room, especially in Manhattan! I was pressed for time in starting a new job in NYC and found a summer sublet share through this site and it's been terrific! I've also found a sublet (permanent room) through this site for the Fall.  I posted my room in Chicago for a sublet as well!

Keep up the good work!  Thanks for your help!
Best Regards,Sharon
one day was enough to receive enough responses to rent it out successfully. best,

heinrich schwarz
I have found an room through your service. I am very grateful. It worked great.  I will certainly use your service in the future. Thank you. 
Sincerely, Maura Smith

Theresponse was intense and almost overwhelming! I was able to find a great couple to sublet to! I really think your service is great and will recommend it to any one I talk to who wants to rent or sublet. I will use it again next year and so will my girlfriend!

Patrick Howe

To whom it may concern,
I have found an room. Thank you very much for all of the assistance that you have given me. 

Doug Pettit
it was a pleasure working through you.  we had like 10 calls the first day and sublet right away.  terrific service!

Dear H Miller:
Thank you for helping me find a sublet -- couldn't have been easier 

Jennifer Undercofler
I wanted to thank all of you for the help.  I did find
a roommate I'm very pleased with.


Good morning!  I have found an room through the  Thank you for your service. 


the room I have listed has been rented through your service. You have provided a terrific service and I am going to use it again in case of need. 

Regards.  Stern NYU  Giorgio Psacharopulo
I successfully found an room this weekend through your service. The service was great and found an excellent room. Thanks a lot

Best Regards,  Todd Dicker

From Don in NYC:
I listed with you on Friday, I had a visit Sunday and a check on Thursday.  Thanks a million.  

I also got several other responses in those six days, but had to turn them down.  I'm very impressed.,

I found a great sublet through your service.  You guys made the process really easy.  I will definitely recommend the service to my friends.

Thanks guys  Scott R.Cusack 

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