Roommate Guide: Verifying Potential Roommates
Verifying Potential Roommates
Opening your home to a perfect stranger is a big decision. There are a number of factors to consider, but the most important question to ask yourself about your new roommate is, "Are they a reliable, safe person I'm comfortable with bringing into my home?" Fortunately, there are a number of ways to verify this information: by running background checks on a potential roommate, you would not only provide yourself with peace of mind but also a stable, long term roommate relationship.

Why take the chance of bounced checks and over due bills? Run a credit check on your potential roommate and save headaches later. Has your new potential roommate ever been evicted before? The answer to this question will probably be a good indication of what sort of roommate they'll turn out to be. Why find out the hard way? Run an eviction check and know for sure. Does your new potential roommate have a criminal history? This is information you need before you bring someone into your home for the sake of your property and well being. A criminal history check may be the most important piece of background information you ever get about your new potential roommate.

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